FUN - Freeform. Unique. Nonstop.


FUN is a Freeform, Unique, and Non-Stop exercise online card game, designed to be the most effective workout possible, all under 20 minutes.

Take the challenge, get your score, and compete with your friends for top position on the FUN Score Board.

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Fun is a card game with 5 different movement cards.

Each card will have a number in the upper left hand corner.
You must do this many of the exercise to move on to the next card.

If things get too hard for you, you can always skip the card, but you will miss out on those points!

Now let's review the 5 cards you will come across. Make sure you give each one a try before continuing.

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1. Jumprope
No rope? Just jump!
2. Pushups
3. Lunges
Each side counts as one.
4. Crossover Knee
Crossover Knee
Each side counts as one.
5. Squat Thrust
Squat Thrust

That's all the cards!

Are you ready for FUN?

You will need to set aside 20 minutes to play the FUN Challenge!

I am ready, lets play!